2019 RPSA Annual Conference and AGM

12th Jun 2019


Thank you to all those members who came along to the 2019 RPSA Conference at the BRE Innovation Park this week. It was a tremendously exciting event, full of energy and enthusiasm.

Delegates enjoyed a wide range of presentations, all of which served to highlight how our industry is changing and the important role that RPSA will play in shaping the future.

To all those who took part, thank you for your engagement, enthusiasm and participation.

If you couldn't make it this year, make sure you don't miss out in 2020.

Certified Building Surveyor scheme

The announcement of the RPSA Certified Building Surveyor scheme during the Conference marks a turning point for the industry.

In the future this will be the default home for independent residential property surveyors and will highlight how their offering is different from that of the corporate provider.

The scheme has been constructed to provide a robust and comprehensive set of standards for inspections, reporting, redress and conduct, all backed up by independent verification.

It will allow consumers to easily identify the more personal and premium service offered by the independent surveyor, and delivers clear choice in a market that will become ever more diverse.

The scheme goes live on 1st October and joining details will be available during September.

RICS Home survey consultation

During the Conference we listened to a presentation about the new home survey standards being proposed by RICS.

While our own standards may take a different approach, it is, of course, always good to see standards being reviewed and updated within the industry.

RICS are currently inviting members and non-members to comment on the proposed standards. RPSA will be making its own formal response, but you are invited to make your individual responses HERE

Understanding Building Regulations

As the eyes of the conveyor on the ground, surveyors need to have an appreciation of building regulations and where we need to flag issues that may need further investigation.

One of our members has highlighted training that is available from Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to help us in being able to better identify and report such matters.

You can find more details HERE

10 years ago it would have been unthinkable that the RPSA could put on an event and attract participation from the likes of MHCLG, TPO, CABE, PCA, RICS, BRE, SLC, L&G, Kate Faulkner, NAPIT eTech, NADC, PG Mutual, Hammond PI, Japanese Knotweed Ltd, Skyline, Planit Wright, and SAVA.

What it demonstrates is that the residential surveying community is a valued, and valuable, part of the house buying and selling process. The RPSA is fast becoming the natural home for independent surveyors and, in the future, will be the consumers choice for guaranteed quality and service.

There's a lot of hard work ahead of us, but these are very exciting times!

Thank you for your continued support. I, and all of the Council, look forward to building on the strong base of confidence and trust that has been earned by the members of RPSA in meeting the needs of their home buying clients.


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