Meet & Greet - all welcome

15th Jan 2020

Meet & Greet sessions are intended to be informal gatherings of members, student members, prospective members, or other interested parties

The first meeting is at the Pippin Pub, Maidstone on 15th January 6-9pm

All interested parties, be they financial advisers, conveyancers, estate agents etc are welcome to attend and there will be the opportunity to discuss:-
• promotion of the RPSA panel as a means of income, both for members and referrers
• helping students meet other local students and surveyors
• providing a forum for discussion of technical matters
• giving prospective students or industry entrants an opportunity to network and ask questions

If you would like to join Council members Jerry Quinnell and Andy McColl, please email Georgia at


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22nd Apr 2020

Meet & Greet - Cambridge - all welcome

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13th May 2020

Meet & Greet - York - all welcome

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15th Jul 2020

Meet & Greet - Oxford - all welcome

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19th Aug 2020

Meet & Greet - Monmouth - all welcome

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16th Sep 2020

Meet & Greet - Southampton - all welcome

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21st Oct 2020

Meet & Greet - Watford - all welcome

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