RPSA Panel to offer Building Surveys

30th Oct 2017

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) has announced the first stage of a national roll out of a new building survey product available through the Association’s panel of Independent surveyors. The Building survey, offered under the brand of MiBuilding Survey, has been the subject of extensive research and development is considered to be best of breed.

Initially the survey will be available from 1st November 2017 in the North West, Teesside, East Anglia, the West of England, London and the South East and will be undertaken by qualified surveyors who have specific training in the use of the product.

All MiBuilding Surveys are lodged on a central register and for RPSA panel surveys there is a quality oversight mechanism to ensure that consumers and any introducers of instructions to the panel can have peace of mind that they are getting a first class product.

RPSA is actively extending the panel roll out into other parts of England and Wales in the coming months. To meet the expected demand the RPSA is asking all surveyors interested in receiving panel instructions and offering the MiBuilding Survey product, whether RPSA members or not, to contact Alan Milstein and Jerry Quinnell at info@skylinesurveyors.co.uk

For information about the RPSA Panel surveyors should contact gemma@rpsa.org.uk.

To order a Building Survey through the RPSA Panel please e-mail info@rpsa.org.uk or call 0800 0933 502 and ask for Gemma or Julia


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