RPSA Status

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) is a not-for-profit limited company (Company number 05664607) managed by an executive team directed by a council of members, all of whom are members of the company.

Day-to-day management functions include:-

Alan Milstein - chairman@rpsa.org.uk

Oversight and direction of Association activities
Outward communication, media, external affairs

Andrew McColl - andrew@rpsa.org.uk

Director for panel and client account management
Corporate contract management

Jerry Quinnell - jerry@rpsa.org.uk

Director for IT, systems, finance and membership

Meet the team

Alan Milstein - Chairman

After a successful career in international sales and marketing, Alan retrained as a surveyor in the early-2000’s, going on to qualify as a specialist in historic building conservation.

Since becoming Chairman of the RPSA in 2012, Alan has overseen the growth and development of the Association and its activities. This has included the creation of survey products, standards, guidance and promotional campaigns, as well as management of outward communications, events and promotional activity.

With a passion for raising standards in the sector, Alan has interests in the governance and future direction of residential surveying in the UK, is an active member of Government and stakeholder action groups, and has led number of industrywide initiatives targeted with delivering more valuable information and guidance to consumers and surveyors alike.

In his spare time Alan is a keen runner, having completed a number of marathons in the UK and overseas, and is usually found at the weekends running the trails of the South Downs with his dog.

Andrew McColl - Director for Panel and Contract Management

After leaving school, Andrew enjoyed a successful career in the construction industry, holding senior roles in construction management with oversight of multi-million-pound projects in the commercial and housebuilding sector. To achieve a better work-life balance, Andrew retrained to become a surveyor to satisfy his passion for helping people enjoy better homes, building his own successful surveying practice near his home in Essex.

As one of the RPSA’s full time executive team, Andrew is responsible for day to day operation and development of the RPSA business panel, and management of the Association’s corporate contracts.

Being a Council member since the inception of the RPSA, Andrew has an intimate knowledge of the activities and ambitions of the Association, spending much of his time networking and communicating with members throughout the country.

Outside of the surveying industry Andrew enjoys his holidays, cooking for friends and family and appreciates good red wine.

Jerry Quinnell - Director for IT, Finance and Membership

After a successful career in senior corporate IT management, specialising in data recovery and business continuity, Jerry retrained as a surveyor in the mid-2000’s, joining the RPSA council in 2013.

As part of the original strategy design group for the Home Condition Survey, Jerry went on to partner in the development of a range of industry-leading survey products and software, now widely used by hundreds of surveyors, both within the RPSA and in the wider community.

Jerry has been instrumental in developing and managing IT and online systems, including the panel management, membership and web-based portals which have facilitated the rapid growth of the Association.

Outside of work, Jerry has a family with two young, active daughters, and enjoy spending time playing for and cycling the lanes around his Kent home.

Amanda Ducas - Council member

Amanda is based in Borehamwood, South Hertfordshire. After many years working in the publishing industry, she decided to change her career path to residential surveying. She took the Sava route and successfully gained her Diploma in Residential Surveying & Valuation in 2018. Choosing to operate as an independent, she is also a Registered Valuer and Energy Assessor.

Having joined the RPSA council at a very exciting and forward thinking time, she enjoys having input, sharing ideas and engaging with the support that the organisation provides.

Her free time is spent enjoying the outdoors with her horse, dog, cat and tortoise – not all at the same time though!!

Tim Green - Council member

Tim has always been a hands-on engineering type and from a young age renovated old vehicles. Subsequently, his interest turned to electronics, as well as building a go-kart and small hovercraft. His electronic interests led to building discotheque equipment, subsequently working as a DJ for 6 years in Capetown.

On return to UK, formal education was required and he worked for the Electronics department in Physiology at Oxford University whist undertaking engineering courses at Oxford Polytechnic.

He later moved into industry, working for Smiths industries and various electronics companies, specialising in DC-DC converters and induction cooking hobs.

Meanwhile, Tim had been involved with renovation of several stone houses. This led to an interest in buildings and a determination to become a surveyor. Realising this ambition in 2007, he joined RPSA from the beginning and has been a council member since 2018.

Tim is married with three grown up children and 5 grandchildren. He and his family have lived for the past 36 years in the same house in Oxford.

Malcolm Hordern - Council member

Malcolm became a residential surveyor after spending most of his working life in the commercial refurbishment sector. He believes every home buyer should be commissioning a condition survey of some type on any property they propose to purchase.

Malcolm joined the RPSA Council to help promote the Association especially around his home in the North-West.

He wants to convince as many buyers as possible to use his and other RPSA members’ services. He is passionate about helping property buyers avoid making mistakes with their purchase.