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Industry Professional FAQs

I represent a group of independent practitioners. How can you help me?

The RPSA supports other independent professionals in a range of ways:

  • We have a national network of members who can work with your practitioners at a local level, to build relationships and match your own levels of service and quality.
  • By understanding your information needs, our reports help facilitate sales progress, not hinder it.
  • If you want to commission survey reports at a national level, our business panel gives you a single point of contact for a fully national service. 

I am a sole practitioner, and would like to be able to recommend RPSA services to my clients.

Meeting the needs of professionals, whether you are a “one man band”, or a national corporate is already within our skill-set. We’ve done it for others, and we can do it for you. So just tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll find the best way to deliver a solution. 

What’s the difference between RPSA surveys and those from surveyors who are members of other organisations?

Unlike, for example, a traditional Homebuyers Report, which is more of a tick box exercise based on a partial inspection, as far as they are able, RPSA surveyors, amongst other things, will check the operation of every window, and every tap, lift the manhole covers and flush the toilets.

Every survey is based on a full and thorough inspection of the property to make sure we completely understand where the issues are. In the RPSA standards there are no “level 2” inspections, only full and thorough property reviews, making it more likely that we can detect, diagnose and describe any defects more clearly. 

We have a need for a high volume of survey reports. Are you able to facilitate a service to supply these?

Yes, it’s something we already do for other clients. Whether you want to send us confirmed instructions, or hot/cold leads, we can structure an arrangement to suit.

We have a fully managed quality assurance programme and bespoke survey writing software, which allows us to deliver consistent quality and style. 

I’d like to educate my colleagues/members about surveys. Can you help with that?

Because of our widespread involvement with Government, stakeholders, and consumer groups, we have a broad understanding of the needs of professionals across all sectors of the market. So we can create and deliver training and CPD that is targeted and relevant for your sector. 

I have a need for a specialist type of survey report. Can you create something for me?

Our combination of in-house software creation, product design and industry knowledge puts the RPSA in a unique position to understand your needs, design and deliver bespoke products.

We have already created specialist products in the buy-to-let, new-build and volume buyer sectors, and continue to innovate and explore new opportunities. 

I work in another country where our residential surveying industry lacks organisation and standards. Can you help us establish a more structured industry?

The RPSA already has international connections with surveyor colleagues in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa who have seen the benefits we have brought to the surveying sector in the UK. We welcome requests for support and are happy to share our knowledge and experiences to help develop the industry in other jurisdictions.