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Surveyor FAQs

How much is it to join the RPSA?

It’s free for students and just £180 per year, or £15 a month, for full or associate membership.

What’s included in my membership?

- Membership of RPSA Panel (subject to use of approved survey software and products)

- Use of MRPSA post-nominal initials

- Use of RPSA logo on your website and correspondence

- Access to bespokeTerms and Conditions

--- Code of Conduct

--- Complaints Handling Policy

--- The Property Ombudsman scheme

--- Competitive PI

--- Promotional video to embed on your website

- Discounts at Conference and CPD/training events

- Business support and guidance

Won’t membership of the RPSA conflict with my other professional accreditations?

No. While membership of the RPSA can be a stand alone professional accreditation, the ethics and standards of the RPSA match or exceed those of all other mainstream professional associations in the property sector. We already work closely with many of those organisations and RPSA provides the specialist residential focus that other, more generalist, organisations do not offer.

Can I offer a full range of products as an RPSA member?

Yes. RPSA standards allow you to offer Home Buyers/Condition Surveys, Building Surveys, Buy To Let Surveys and Snagging Reports.

If I have questions or problems, do I speak to a person or a computer?

The RPSA is a "people first" organisation, run for surveyors, by surveyors. No matter what the issue we are always on the end of a phone ready to chat. And our regular Meet & Greet free social events are an opportunity for you to meet up with RPSA officers and like-minded professionals in a relaxed and social atmosphere. 

How do I get work from the RPSA Panel?

The RPSA Panel puts more than £1million a year into the pockets of its’ members. Access to the panel is open to all members. To join you will need to provide evidence of your work, current PI insurance and the postcodes in which you would be happy to receive offers of survey instructions.

You will also need to be able to submit survey reports using the associated Skyline* survey writing system.

*Skyline Surveyors Ltd is a separate company offering an online survey writing platform, created to meet the needs of the RPSA Panel. Skyline services are optionally available for your own private work. There are no set-up fees or training costs. Further details on request to

Is RPSA Panel work confirmed instructions or leads to be converted?

Acting as an agent on behalf of surveyors, the RPSA Panel offers members the opportunity to receive fully converted offers of survey instructions. The Panel service to members negotiates survey pricing, confirms instructions, delivers terms and conditions, and receives payment. After confirming acceptance of an instruction offer, surveyors simply book the inspection, complete the survey report and upload it to the bespoke instruction management system, together with their invoice, for prompt payment of the pre-agreed fee, within a maximum of 30 days (but usually within 7 days). 

Where does the RPSA Panel work come from?

Enquiries for surveys to the RPSA Panel are from a number of sources including national panel managers, leading High St banks and lenders, links from trusted resources such as, and Which?, the RPSA website, and returning clients, happy with the service and survey report they received on an earlier occasion. 

Is it difficult to get Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The RPSA works closely with insurers to ensure that members have access to competitively priced Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance. In fact, because RPSA surveyor members work to the highest standards in the industry, completing full and thorough inspections on every occasion, insurers look favourably on RPSA members, and even offer a discount for using the associated survey writing software system. 

I’m a new entrant to the industry. Will RPSA be able to help me?

Yes. Much of our activity is focused on helping those new to the industry, or those embarking on a career as independent practitioner after working for a corporate employer, to establish their own thriving local business. Within your standard membership fee we offer a complete “toolkit” of support, advice, guidance, standards, documentation and knowledge.