Home Condition Survey: Simple & clear advice

Home Condition Survey:

Simple & clear advice

Building Survey: For your peace of mind

Building Survey:

For your peace of mind

Join us at RPSA In providing consumers with a quality service

Join us at RPSA

In providing consumers with a quality service

The Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) is a representative body for independent specialist residential surveyors who are the industry's leading specialists in reporting on the condition of residential properties on behalf of home buyers. The RPSA is dedicated to helping its members deliver a range of high quality survey products, helping consumers in England and Wales at the time they are making one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Recommended by the Government in their new How to Buy Guide published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government in May 2019.

The Home Condition Survey (HCS) is a survey that is suitable for all property types as it includes a full inspection and a comprehensive report.

A Building Survey (often referred to as a Full or Structural Survey) is the highest level of non-invasive survey that surveyors usually carry out during the home-buying process. It is suitable for all properties but is often most applicable for older or more unusual properties, or properties where problems are suspected.


20th Jun 2019

New surveyors’ scheme sets quality standards in residential surveying

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18th Mar 2020

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22nd Apr 2020

Meet & Greet - Cambridge - all welcome

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Home Condition Survey

Clear and easy identification of the most serious property issues

Building Survey

A full or structural survey offers peace of mind during the home-buying process


The unique RPSA Mi Buy To Let Survey has been designed to enable landlords to protect their investment and deliver decent homes for their tenants.

We’re an inclusive organisation actively promoting residential surveying

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